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Aviation Avionics & Instruments, Inc., (AAIC), a division of Sunvair Aerospace Group (SAG), has successfully developed two key Repair Specs (RS).

May 15 2023

AAIC has received FAA approval for two transformational Repair Specs. The recent approvals provide a much-improved solution for B737NG windshield wiper motor assemblies, (2313M347-SERIES and 2313M348-SERIES). The RS includes installing a much lower cost AAIC BDCM Driver Module with design improvements that increase on-wing reliability over the OEM BDCM driver.

Additionally, AAIC has developed a repair that allows the 1721-F4/5 waste level sensors on B737NG, B737Max, B757, and B767 aircraft to achieve a return-to-service rate of over 95%. These sensors are typically replaced upon removal with very expensive new OEM sensors, this repair provides a significant cost advantage for the airlines with no decrease in on-wing reliability.

Dale Roberts, President of AAIC commented, “These repairs are a tremendous example of our engineering focus to improve reliability and lower cost for our customers. They build upon our extensive track record of FAA approvals, and highlight the strengths of our engineering team, from product selection to design, testing, substantiation, and final approval.”

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