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3ATI Optical Display Assy Repair Procedure

August 04 2022

The purpose of this Minor Repair Procedure (RS) is to provide instructions to install an alternative Liquid Crystal Display (LCD) and/or the Backlight Tubes installed in the C16221 series LRU's. This results in a less expensive alternative for our customers. Please direct all inquiries to Jay Perez at or Scott Thobe at

Repair Specification #AAI2101 Zodiac Aerospace Transfer SOV Cartridge

June 24 2022

This Repair Specification (RS) is for the repair/replacement of components of the L92B13-605 Transfer SOV Cartridge. This provides a more attractive alternative for existing and future customers

AAIC Strategic New Hires

January 24 2022

Production Manager - JR Hargrove
JR brings over 20 years of Aerospace experience to the organization. He began his career as a technician before holding Quality and Operations Manager roles. He will have complete responsibility for the AAIC shop with all of the technicians reporting directly to him.

Purchasing Manager - Sherri Garroutte
Sherri brings over 40 years of Legacy Airline experience while holding several positions such as Warranty Specialist, Sr. Commodity Manager - Purchasing, Sr. Avionics Technical Representative and Sr. Commodity Manager. Sherri will take on full purchasing activities and be responsible in supporting shop production.

Account Manager - Brandy Lea Holliday
Brandy has worked in the aviation field for over 20 years which includes both fixed and rotary wing aircraft. She has held positions as a Production Control Planner, Sr. Component Planner and Shop Support Engineering Liaison. Brandy will be responsible for communicating internally with all departments and keeping customers up to date with their parts.

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